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how to brainstorm content ideas

Guide to Developing Your Content Building Blocks

Content is the cornerstone to any customer acquisition program. To have a successful program content must engage and inform your buyer to motivate them to purchase. But what are the best ways to come up with fresh, share-worthy and on-strategy ideas for your content? Here are 3 tips to get started: Tip #1: Review touchpoints […]

Selecting the right marketing channels

Selecting B2B Marketing Channels – When Less is More

A modern expressionist artist, Hans Hoffman, stated, “the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary may speak.” Whether through art or marketing communications, the ability to eliminate distractions and gain focus reaps major benefits.  At our Customer Acquisition Accelerator Bootcamp, we discuss the importance of and the process for selecting […]

Align Marketing & Sales to Improve Customer Acquisition

It’s the beginning of the year – quotas have been established. Sales teams are working diligently to fill their pipeline. Lots of prospecting, emails and phone calls are in motion.  Not many calls/emails are getting returned yet. However, it is getting more difficult to get a response.  Most of the time – lots of activity […]

Business Value Chain of Marketing

In talking with B2B business owners, marketers and sales leaders, I often find myself explaining what I refer to as the “business value chain of marketing”. Basically, marketing is a cost until you convert it into value. It’s a straightforward concept. You allocate a marketing budget to buy reach into your target audience. You (hopefully) […]

What Business Are You In and Why?

In 1960, HBR published a famous article by Theodore Levitt called “Marketing Myopia.” Levitt made a powerful argument that organizations should stop defining themselves by what they produced and instead re-orient themselves toward customer needs. No one had so aggressively and practically made the case for centering on customers. In 2009, Simon Sinek took a […]

2017 Marketing Tips for B2B Business Owners

This is the time of the year for predictions for the next year. Unfortunately, as I read through a ton of insightful and well-written predictions, a pattern begins to emerge. Marketers clearly have a fascination with the new shiny object. Marketers are like the cartoon where the character screams “squirrel” and immediately he gets distracted. […]

Digital Marketing Complexity

Avoid Getting Stuck in Digital Marketing Complexity

Today, a business owner has a hard time navigating the complexity of the digital marketing landscape.  According to SmarterInsights.com, there are more than 120 different marketing channels. In addition to the plethora of digital marketing channels, a business owner is continually confronted with decisions on new marketing technologies entering the marketplace at an alarming rate. […]

Customer Acquisition Accelerator bootcamp

Register for the Customer Acquisition Accelerator Bootcamp

Looking to kick off the New Year with new insights but more importantly a fresh new, pragmatic and simplified approach to generating more qualified sales leads for your B2B business? If so, sign up for the Customer Acquisition Accelerator Bootcamp! Here’s the details… What it is: The Customer Acquisition Bootcamp is a great way to quickly learn […]