how to brainstorm content ideas

Guide to Developing Your Content Building Blocks

Content is the cornerstone to any customer acquisition program. To have a successful program content must engage and inform your buyer to motivate them to purchase. But what are the best ways to come up with fresh, share-worthy and on-strategy ideas for your content? Here are 3 tips to get started: Tip #1: Review touchpoints […]

Align Marketing & Sales to Improve Customer Acquisition

It’s the beginning of the year – quotas have been established. Sales teams are working diligently to fill their pipeline. Lots of prospecting, emails and phone calls are in motion.  Not many calls/emails are getting returned yet. However, it is getting more difficult to get a response.  Most of the time – lots of activity […]

Business Value Chain of Marketing

In talking with B2B business owners, marketers and sales leaders, I often find myself explaining what I refer to as the “business value chain of marketing”. Basically, marketing is a cost until you convert it into value. It’s a straightforward concept. You allocate a marketing budget to buy reach into your target audience. You (hopefully) […]

2017 Marketing Tips for B2B Business Owners

This is the time of the year for predictions for the next year. Unfortunately, as I read through a ton of insightful and well-written predictions, a pattern begins to emerge. Marketers clearly have a fascination with the new shiny object. Marketers are like the cartoon where the character screams “squirrel” and immediately he gets distracted. […]