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October 19, 2015

Customer Acquisition Accelerator bootcamp

Looking to kick off the New Year with new insights but more importantly a fresh new, pragmatic and simplified approach to generating more qualified sales leads for your B2B business? If so, sign up for the Customer Acquisition Accelerator Bootcamp!

Here’s the details…

What it is: The Customer Acquisition Bootcamp is a great way to quickly learn how to put a “system” in place to drive inbound lead generation and integrate various marketing efforts to drive your sales funnel.  There are many trainings/bootcamps out there that teach content marketing, social media, digital marketing, etc.  This bootcamp is different.  It teaches you how to put it all together in a simple, pragmatic way that helps you execute successfully –  a key piece that is often overlooked.

Who It’s for: The bootcamp was designed for small business owners, those responsible for marketing efforts trying to find simplicity with all of the tools and channels, and individuals who want to learn new skills.  It will be especially impactful for those who have limited marketing budgets.

Who Is Leading It: The bootcamp been developed by Nancy Koors and Kevin Gold.  Nancy has a track record of success in b2b marketing in startups, small businesses and large corporations.  She has also led several digital agencies, including Resource Interactive that was ranked #4 Independent Agency by Ad Age under her leadership and was recently acquired by IBM.  As Vice President of Marketing and Content, Kevin helped accelerate iNet Interactive’s growth from an 8 person start-up to a successful exit to Penton Media. iNET was a seven-year consecutive Inc 5000 and Fast 55 company during his tenure.

This Customer Acquisition Accelerator Bootcamp is held for three hours once a week over a four week period. The objective is to help B2B businesses whether new or established, gain a stronger hold on marketing-led lead generation efforts that produce sustainable growth.

Want to learn more (like the dates and times)??? Visit the event page here.

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